Contractors Buddy

We understand,daily lots of time get consumed by owners and senior staff to pick different types of electrical products from Different shops. Arranging logistics from multiple vendors adds to the difficulties and result delay on site.

To address this we are building a platform on BuyElectric to ease the process. Register with for “Contractors Buddy” and search nearest e-shop in your area.

All your needs will be available in digital catalogue form. One can pick and choose the products and can pick the material from nearest BuyElectric outlet or get delivery on site.

  • Pre Book facilities and delivery schedule is an added feature.
  • Special construction product lead time can be known
  • One can also apply for Credit with right credentials
  • Update yourself with technical catalogue from manufacturers as a regular newsletter subscription
  • Live chat support week days/ working hours
  • Toll free customer care
  • Also get safety, tools, lubricants or other liked products on one go
  • You tube video channel for various application jobs to improve workmanship
  • Skill development short films for wireman and maintenance electricians



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